Jean-Frédéric Vogelbacher

IT – Open Source – Social Media


Linux Guides

Since 2015 I am running an educational German YouTube channel about Linux and Open Source. Since then, a large community of over 30,000 members has grown around the channel. Nowadays I give numerous talks at real life events about Linux and offer Linux support as well as courses.

Libre Workspace

Libre Workspace is a free and open-source cloud platform that offers an alternative to proprietary offerings such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. The platform was launched in 2023 has been in constant development ever since.


Since the end of 2022 I am developing a linux application which is a daily linux helper with powerful integrated search, routines, checks and admninistrative tasks. The Project is built with flutter and python.


2020 I started a German online Open Source and Linux Conference with talks, presentations and workshops. The event takes place annually in November. Without our sponsors and the team behind this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!

Event Management System

Manage your summits, conferences, seminar days or similar with your team and speakers. Keep control of lectures, rooms, events, call for papers and communicate fast with speakers via automated and easy mass mail integration. I started this project in 2022 because no tool has met my requirments so far.

Libre TrainSim

As a hobby project I developed a train simulator with the GoDot Engine. The Github project has nearly 200 stars and more than 100.000 Downloads in the Google Play Store and Currently the development of the project is mostly paused.

Various other smaller projects

On my Github account I publish nearly everything I do. For example I wrote/ am writing a Client in Flutter, event management system in django, or a graphical linux assistant. Feel free to browse my Github account.



Because of many orders in the area of Linux-Administration, my educational YouTube Channel and my experience since 2013 I am advanced in administration of Debian based distributions (server & desktop) and intermediate in container technologies (docker).


Instead others don’t want to take responsibility I am the opposite. Whether in local societies or in online teams others call me reliable in leading projects to success and always being constructive. Regardless of the role.


I am very familiar with C#, Python, Java, dart and typescript. As frameworks I am working with Flutter, django, .NET, Godot, Spring, and Angular.

(I also have experience in scrum)

Media Creation

Almost daily I elaborate new good looking graphics, videos as well as sound recordings and edit them. I also create and operate websites like this one (WordPress).

Technical Background

Through my completed studies in computer science (FAU Nürnberg/Erlangen) I am aware of all typical topics in computer science. I completed projects in:

  • Computer Communications, C#
  • OpenGL, C++, CUDA
  • Components of Operatingsystems
  • Software Engineering
  • Spring, Angular
  • C, Python, Java,…


Either in workshops, tutorial videos or private courses, I teach content around IT regularly.

Contact Jean-Frédéric Vogelbacher

You are welcome to get in contact with me. Let it be collaborating, exchanging knowledge or giving feedback.